Why Texe?

So yeah, and how did I get to interview Texe Marrs?

A friend of mine used to edit a free Vancouver monthly magazine called the loop. He'd tap me for music reviews every month, but he'd always mention how he was open to any other ideas I might have. I kept an open mind about it, but never came up with much...

...Until I told him about this preacher from Texas [ ! ] I'd found through the Psychoceramics email list (which seems to be dead now, worse luck), a crazy guy named Texe Marrs (!!) with a penchant for sending out spiffy free monthly newsletters, one of which had condemned a newly-elected federal cabinet minister from Vancouver because she'd been photographed with a drag queen at her victory party (details here) (!!!). Halfway through the anecdote we both realized it would be perfect for the loop.

A couple days later I found myself explaining carefully to a disembodied Texan accent just what the loop was all about, and not mentioning at all my fascination with Texe's fascination with immorality. A half-hour interview was set up with a surprising lack of fuss; I'd been expecting a lot more fear and loathing. I bought some blank tapes for my answering machine, made sure I had lots of pens and paper (I wasn't sure exactly what for, but I was sure it made me look like a journalist), and waited for The Time To Call.

In the end, the interview ran close to two hours. Texe pretty much ran the conversation, as you'll see, but it was all pretty interesting. Of course, there was no way it could all be fit into five hundred words for a one-page article...but what the hell. I had the whole transcript (typed by Your Ob'd Servant), and what better place for it than the web, where all obscure interests lie?

Enough. Read. I hope it interests you.

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A quick note on references

Unless noted otherwise, all references are to either Flashpoint: A newsletter ministry of Texe Marrs, published by Texe's Living Truth Ministries, or to Power of Prophecy, published by Texe's ministry of the same name. Flashpoint's last issue was in December 1998; due to IRS problems, Texe started Power of Prophecy in January 1999. Aside from the name change, there is no difference between the two publications or ministries. The newsletters are only six pages each, with maybe a few advertisement inserts, so I won't bother putting in page numbers. WP stands for Texe's radio show, World of Prophecy, which also changed its name to Power of Prophecy in January 1999; he offers tapes of different episodes for sale in each newsletter.

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