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AYNcards :: Postcards from Orbital Tax-Free Lemony Goodness!

Provoked by an irrational fear of using their minds to discover the objective truth, the ACLU, in conjunction with the Third Communist International and the Federation of American Scientists, temporarily disrupted the AynCards website recently. Please rest assured that these miscreants are even at this moment unable to avoid the evidence of their senses.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and wish to assure our public that we are working frantically to restore Order, Objectivity, and your AYNCards as quickly as possible. For emergency technical assistance, please dial OR6-5693.

You know the drill. If you need help on filling out a postcard form, ask your local Objectivist chapter.

If you need to pick up a card, just type in the ID here. You do have the card ID, don't you?

Step One: Choose words for Ayn to say. Make sure they're pithy.

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The Floating Head of Ayn Rand says...
Eat your goddamn Cheerios!
I want my Lucky Venison!
I got your fax right here!
I'm blinded by the light!
I'm blue!
Bring me the brain of Shania Twain!
O Jefe my Jefe!
You want fries with that?
Get away from me! I have deadly radioactivity!

Step Two: Sender and Recipient. For God's sake, don't mess up now.

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Step Three: Make short, pithy sayings of your own. Here's you-know-who again for inspiraton.

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And now, just click:

Since we bounce your data off three de-commissioned Iridium satellites, run it through the Data Launderers of The Neutral Zone, and then knit it all back into shape, it may take a moment to show your card. We appreciate your patience. You will be suitably rewarded in Valhalla.