Rainy Day Pale Ale

It's Xmas vacation, and that means it's time to brew.


Batch size: 5 gallons

Grain bill:

  • 3.6 kg Pale Malt
  • 500 g Crystal 60
  • 430 g Carapils
  • 110 g wheat malt


  • 2 oz Cascade pellets (8%?) FWH
  • 2 oz Cascade pellets @ 20
  • 1 oz Cascade pellets @ 5
  • 2 oz 2011 2011 homegrown hops @ 5

Yeast: Good ol' Wyeast 1056

Brew Day

December 27, 2012: Mash was at 70 C, which was a nice even 5 C drop in the strike water temp. 7.5 gallons went in, and 6 gallons of wort came out. It was not raining out, despite the title, so I brewed outside:

Alt text

My kids came out to watch; the youngest stayed to help.

They are rock gods.

The keggle was converted by my father-in-law, a retired millwright; he wrote the year (2009) and his initial using an angle grinder.

Alt text

The gravity was 1.050, so I got decent efficiency for a change -- not like last time.

Alt text

On a whim, Eli decided to make the 60 minute hop addition a FWH instead:

Alt text

Ah, the aluminum dipstick. No homebrewer should be without one.

Alt text

Eli demonstrated his command of Le Parkour...

Alt text

and The Slide:

Alt text

"Hey, it's Old Man Brown, sittin' on his porch an' eatin' soup an' making moonshine again!"

Alt text

Eventually it was time to pitch the yeast. We took turns. I took this one of Eli...

Alt text

...and he took this one of me:

Alt text

Isn't it beautiful? Oh, and the OG was 1.062.

Alt text


January 6, 2013: Dry-hopped with an ounce of Citra and and an ounce of Cascade in a hop sock, weighed down with a spoon to keep it under the surface.


January 12, 2013: Smells wonderful. There's some kind of trub, or maybe it's just yeast, that's taking a long time to settle. Reminds me of the BirthdayIPA. FG 1.013, which makes this 6.4%. Hydro sample tasted amazing: fruity, citrusy, bittersweet, smooth mouthfeel -- just incredible. About 14.5 litres yield


Jan 29, 2013: Oh, this turned out nice. The sweetness is noticeable and a little cloying; I would not use the crystal in this again. Aside from that, though, this is very, very good. I gave some to a coworker, and she said her husband thought it was the best he'd tasted since the last Rogue he'd had. High praise!

Thoughts for next time: take out the crystal and put in some rye. Or maybe biscuit.