Zagumi Cider

My 7 year-old son came up with the name. It's based on the "Red Flannel Cider" recipe from BYO, October 2013. I decided to try the Brett 'cos why not?


Batch size: 2 gallons, split in two


  • 2 gallons of UV-sterilized cider from Taves Family Farms
  • 8 oz brown sugar
  • 4 oz white sugar
  • 3 oz honey
  • 1 oz molasses



Monday, October 14th 2013: Holiday Thanksgiving Monday, we decided to take the kids out to pick apples at Taves Family Farms. We didn't realize just how busy it would be, but we got a crapton of apples and two gallons of apple cider to ferment, plus half a gallon to drink.

Brew Day

October 20, 2013: Came down with flu, but with my failing strength I made cider. I heated up a pint or so of the cider with the sugar to melt it, then mixed it in with all the rest. Gravity reading was 1.072 when I was done. The original recipe called for 2 lbs of sugar all together, but by the time I realized that I couldn't be arsed. Anyhow, it ought to be somewhere around 8-10% ABV, and that's lots.

Had to kind of guess at splitting the champagne yeast starter. That may explain why the one with champagne + Brett seems to be taking off much faster.