SpamAssassin is set up now on our new front-end mail server, and it pretty much rox. Got it going this afternoon, and it hasn't fallen over or anything. We even took the other front-end box out of round-robin dns, and the new box has held up perfectly well.

For the record, we've got a 1.4GHz Athlon w/512MB RAM doing about 100 messages a minute right now (in + out), and sending 'em all through SpamAssassin via spamd/spamc. Threshold is set to 15; not as aggressive as I run it at home (8) or as it runs out of the box (5), but we have had some false positives in the first little while (only a few). Load is noticeably up, but not obnoxious by any means.

We've caught about 6500 messages since turning it on at noon, which is a little -- no, wait, just fired up bc -- a lot better than our previous average. (Please note that this graph will now be hopelessly messed up until I get it set up again to monitor spamcatchin' on the new server.)

Tired. Enough for now.

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