So a while back, Slashdot posted a story about, an online forum for heathen cowfucking spammer scum ("Suppose you were a lying, sociopathic thief. And suppose you were a spammer. But I repeat myself." -- Mark Twain) that, sadly, left its membership list and other goodies exposed.

Being the good citizen that I am, I posted a reply that, I flatter myself, was both informative and helpful: it pointed the way to several mirrors of the information, including one on my own site. Well, what do I receive the other day but this charming email:

Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 10:23:03 -0700 (PDT) From: EmailSupplyNET <> Subject: Question about website To: Hey, I like (part) of your website, It's informative. There was something on your site about "" Did you create that site for them or something? I run an email list site and am trying to contact them for advertising on their forums/boards... Any ideas/help? Thanks in advance, Thanks, EmailSupplyNet@Yahoo.Com 877.426.6636 --------------------------------- Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! Mail is new and improved - Check it out!

It's quite the site. They offer a sample list -- 4MB of email addresses, meant to be a sample of the up to 14 million you can buy. I must warn you, it would be wrong to run this command:

while [ true ] ; do
wget -O /dev/null

So don't do that. But my question is, what should I do? I'm open to ideas, suggestions, thoughts, plans and dicta.