Comment Spam v. SURBL

A quick Google turns up this entry on using SURBL to fight comment spam. More information here. A quick look at the WP-Blacklist plugin shows it shouldn't be that hard to add a quick DNS check...Hm. And the SURBL mailing list has discussed this too:

>The quick and easy answer, which may be wrong, is that they're >different folks, or at least different domains. > >Jeff C. > Oh please don't think that just yet!! Seriously. I'm working with some ninjas and the 6dos data and a new tool to let you look up this info! So far it ROCKS beyond belief! But more coming, and trying to keep data source anonymous of course. Also trying to tie in some other tools that other SURBL submitters have been asking for. Bottom line is that these guys ARE the same people. Data shows it.

Hm. Update, Nov. 30: Double hm