BlogFS/ifconfig up

So Pouxie, my new OpenSolaris box, started displaying the same let's-shut-down-randomly-'cos-it's-Friday problems it previously did -- guess it's not the case after all. No problem, 'cos I happen to have a spare mobo and CPU that I've been itching to try out.

As it happens, it's got an onboard Intel ethernet interface which is detected just fine (iprb0, thank you) by Belenix/OpenSolaris, but fails to be brought up properly during boot. The problem is that while the interface is assigned an IPv4 address, it's not actually up, which means that adding the route fails, and /lib/svc/method/net-physical (which surprised me by being a simple shell script) declares failure. (I think it's just the route command that fails, but I should check this out.)

No idea why this happens on iprb0 and not nfo0, but what the hell. Looking around the script shows that it does do ifconfig plumb up on IPv6 interfaces -- but when I tried touching /etc/hostname6.iprb0 and running the script again (yeah, I know, probably a horrible thing that makes Bill Joy cry) it created a duplicate iprb0 interface with only an IPv6 interface. It was up, the IPv4 version was still down, and the IPv4 route command failed.

In the end I just edited the script to make it run ifconfig plumb up like it does with IPv6, and it seemed to do the trick just fine. I'm currently trying to see if there's a similar bug already filed on; looks like I have a lot of slogging.

In other news, I thought I'd be posting this using BlogFS, but I'm running into library problems. First, I had to change import xmlrpc to importxmlrpclib. No biggie, even I can do that, but now I'm getting this when I try to create the directory that would mount the blog:

#  mkdir
mkdir: cannot create directory `./': No such file or directory

Not sure what's going on.