When last Clara visited the doctor (Wed), Dr said that a routine checkup on the babby would be in order at some point this weekend -- Monday, maybe? Turned out to be today, around 2pm. During the ultrasound it further turned out that Babby/Clara had low levels of amniotic fluid. This means that they wanted to induce Real Soon Nowtm. This was begun about 6pm, about ten minutes before I made it to BC Women's. (Stupid bus drivers that don't stop at King Edward when they're asked -- but I digress.)

She's being kept for observation, which means taping big things to her belly and watching the strip of paper slowly come out of the machine that goes ping! when it runs out of paper. I've come back to the house to get things like the hospital bag and cheese, and to feed the catt. (Let this be a lesson to someone: when going to the hospital after your due date, always bring the bag. If they say you don't need it, hit them.)

Clara is doing well. The baby is doing well. No telling how long it could take before active labour starts; the nurses said they've seen it as quick as three hours, or as long as 24. We're hoping for a Canada Day babby, especially after hearing the story about the friend of the nurse who got free stuff for LIFE because the kid was born on July 1st. (Seriously. Government owes the kid a damned helicopter now.)

The next post will probably be made once we're back from the hospital; you should expect something like "Holy CRAP this thing's small!"

That is all.