Arlo Maxwell Reginald Cristofaro


Arlo Maxwell Reginald Cristofaro, ne Trombone, was born on Saturday July 1st, 2006 at 2.26pm. Clara had a pretty damn good labour once things got going, and horsed him out after only 13 minutes of pushing. As labour stories are, by ancient right, public property, I'll let her post the details.

Both she and Trombone^WArlo are doing quite well. They've both learned how to nurse, and I've learned that the index finger does a lot to calm him down. We've managed to pick up a couple hours of sleep here and there, so we're not too punchy.

For those who haven't seen, here are a couple pix:

Oh, and you know what also calms him down? A slightly modified version of Fat Joe's Lean Back:

My Arlo, he don't know how to dance
He just leans back and he fills up his pants
He does the Rockaway! He does the Rockaway!

It also sends Clara into hysterics, so that's good too.