Wish I'd known about this earlier!

libpst is a command-line tool that converts Outlook .pst files into standard mbox files, the way T&R intended. Wish I'd known about this before

One of the outstanding feature requests is listing and extracting individual messages. Maybe I'll take a look at this.

In other news, I borked my home machine (Debian testing) by trying to extend a partition w/ReiserFS. That gave me a perfect excuse to upgrade to a bigger disk and reinstall Debian.

Next up is maybe looking at replacing my venerable copy of Slackware 9 with a Debian install, too; the ease of installing and upgrading Debian packages is just too good to pass up.

I did consider other OSs:

And yes, I realize I'm damned ignorant, and that a server should not be exciting. But I'm convinced that a big part of running a server successfully is ease of upgrading, whether security fixes or new app versions, and Debian is just wonderful.