In case you hadn't read the newsletter

From Bruce Schneier's newsletter comes this blog entry suggesting that there simply aren't that many serious spammers. Interesting data.

Managed to get the Perl/PHP parser extended so that it would see nested PHP arrays and translate them to the proper hash/array references in Perl. It was good to do that, but then other problems arise — like the fact that, as the parser stands right now, it simply stops parsing if it finds something it doesn't understand. This could be something like a comment in a nested array, or something like if ($debug == 1) { $foo = "bar"; } else { … }.

Again, I'm concluding that this would all be much, much easier if it was in a database…just have PHP and Perl suck out the data and do what they want. Either that, or just start writing everything in Perl…

Update: Also, this is not what I expect to see at the top of Planet Solaris — though maybe this should've prepared me. Rockwood's coworker's post is worth reading too.

Update2: Just for completeness, I'll mention that Ben's updates and comments are also worth reading. That's it from the Obvious Dep't.