Emacs, pkg-src, server room

New emacs, woo! I've downloaded it and compiled it already, 'cos I am that l33+, thank you. But one thing: the tarball is signed by Chong Yidong, pgp/gpg key #BC40251C. I could not find any indication anywhere that this is the right key, or what the right key might be. A quick search turned up lots of posts on the Emacs mailing lists, bugzilla entries and such from him, so I presume it's okay…but it would be nice to make this explicit. (Even a search for the key number turned up nothing.)

This article about updating pkg-src makes me even happier I went with Debian. That is all.

Yesterday I got a new switch in at work. Good god, the 10/100 Procurves are getting cheap — $600 w/academic discount for a 2626. I was just going to rack it, but as always I couldn't stop once I got going; that server room needs a lot of cleaning up. Three hours later I emerged, bloody but triumphant: the network cables were cleaned up considerably, I'd identified the last of the mystery boxes (step-down transformer, not a UPS like I thought), and I'd figured out that the big UPS was only one-third loaded — plenty o' room. Once I get all the cleaning done, I'll post before-and-after pix, 'cos that will be one chunk of work I'll be damned proud of.