Working from home

Now that Clara's heading back to work, my schedule has changed a bit: I'm staying at home on Wednesdays to take care of Arlo, and then working from home on Saturdays to make up the time. I'm grateful to my boss for letting me do this, and I'm hopeful it will work out.

My first Wednesday (July 4th) went pretty darned well, really. Arlo ate, he played, he got vaccinated (Chicken pox; I had no idea they vaccinated for it), he napped and then he played some more. I didn't drop him, he didn't freak out and it was a great deal of fun.

As it happens I got to take care of him on Friday, too; my mother-in-law, who's going to be taking care of him two days a week, had a sudden trip to the emergency room. She's okay, but wasn't able to take care of him that day. (She was mad about it, too...) I called into work and let them know I wouldn't be in, then went in anyway just to make sure a few things were okay. I've got some karma built up and a fistful of sick days I rarely take, so all was well.

And then yesterday I worked from home. And man o man, did I get stuff done. Not quite as much as I wanted; I was hoping to use flar to duplicate a Solaris machine so I could test it, and ran into a bug that took a while to figure out. (If the patch I applied fixes the problem, I'll write it up here since there was only one other reference I could find.) But it was lovely to work for, like, four hours in a row on something and not be interrupted. Plus, there's the skipping of the 90-minute commute to enjoy.

My fondness for trivial patches continues. You may envy me.