Resume, laptop, presentation

Just updated my resume for the first time since starting my current job. It's nice to look back at what you've done and realize that, hey, there's been a lot.

In other news, I finally gave in to lust the other day and bought a Dell C400 on eBay. Nothing too special — 1.2GHz, 256MB, 30GB hard drive — but I was mainly after the 12" screen, so that I'd be able to (say) debug raw ethernet frames on my daily commute. About $280 when all was said and done; the strong Canuckistan peso was part of the incentive to buy now. Should be at the office in a week or so, and I can't wait.

It amazed me to see how many off-lease laptops were available, and just how cheap you could pick them up. A whilte back my boss got a D420; with extra memory and a few other things, it came in at about $1700 or so Canadian. But if you look around, there are plenty of D400s and D410s around for less than $500 — even less than $400 if you look hard. Add another $100 (say) for a working battery, and you're in pretty good shape.

Virtualbox has made it to Debian testing — hurrah! Only it won't run (Open)?Solaris. Dang.

On Tuesday, I'm giving a short presentation on my work's subnet at SNAG, the UBC System and Network Administrator's Group. I found Bruce in OpenBSD's ports tree on my laptop; the documentation is (ahem) thin, but it works. Wish me luck.

And there's Arlo up. Time to go get him.