Heh ---

Matthew Garret's presentation on Suspend-to-Disk make fun reading.

Arlo's sick with flu or something; I was up 'til 1am last night rocking him to sleep. Haven't done that in a while…

Telling detail: I'm about to blow away Debian testing on my desktop machine and install Ubuntu's Gutsy Gibbon. Partly it's because I'm tired of installing 80MB worth of updates every two weeks, and partly it's because it'll make setting up the printer a breeze.

I'll probably leave half the drive aside for good ol' Debian stable, but Ubuntu'll stay there for experimenting and so my parents, on their next visit, will not have to bring out their 4-tonne laptop.

I'll be reinstalling Ubuntu on my laptop as well; due to a stupid error, I installed Dapper, not Gutsy. I tried updating in one fell swoop, and after three days of apt-get -f install I finally got things working…except for the boot artwork, and GDM doesn't start one time out of three. Interesting experiment, but I think I'll take a do-over.

I may even install it twice, so that I can try out The Depenguinator, which appears to be a lot easier than trying to figure out PXE booting for FreeBSD. Unlike OpenBSD, there's no readily apparent "official way" of doing it, and the handful of HOWTOs I've found have contradicted each other. At this point I'm just too lazy to keep trying and seeing what I'm doing wrong.