At last: I'm finally coming to the end of working with the verdammnt web registration forms. We're going from our awful hack of a glued-together mess of Mambo and custom PHP, to something that'll mainly be Drupal with no custom code. Allegedly it's six weeks 'til launch date; the registration forms in use right now will limp along 'til they're no longer needed (end of the summer).

The registration form I'm working on now is not complicated in the absolute sense, but it's the most complicated one we've got. Last year I was afraid to touch the (old, legacy, ugly) code, and mostly just changed dates. This year I thought "fuck it" and rewrote nearly all of it, using the tools and skills I'd picked up in the meantime. (I'm still not a great programmer, understand, but I have improved some over last year.)

After a full day banging my head against it, I'm finally coming to the point where I'm pretty confident that the code will do what it's supposed to. And that's a relief. Therefore, in the stylee du Chromatic, I give thanks to:

In other news...just downloaded the second dev preview of Indiana, which I'd managed to not hear about at all (the preview releases, that is). I love university bandwidth; 640MB in about 1 minute. Sweet. I'll give it a try at home and see how it feels.

I've just finished reading the summaries of LISA '07 in the latest issue of ;login:. I feel…incredibly left out. I'm starting to think this profession might not be such a simple thing, you know, man? Sir? The presentations on autonomic computing have left me feeling a bit like a buggy whip maker with his nose to the grindstone.

And yes, it's a way off, and yes, small shops and generalists will probably be around for a while to come. But I'm not sure how much I want to keep being at a small shop. Which means learning the big stuff. Which, natch, is hard to do when you're trying to figure out how to properly test registration forms. Sigh.

But: I just stuck my head out a door at work and saw a chickadee. It chirped for a while, sitting on a tree near our building, then flew off. On a rare sunny day in Vancouver in Frebruary, after a week of messed-up sleep and feeling like I've been spinning my wheels, this is nice.