So tired

Tuesday: youngest son (8 months old) up at 5:30am teething.

Wednesday: youngest son up at 5:15am teething.

Thursday: youngest son up at 5:30am teething. I'm so tired I go to bed at 8:30pm and fall asleep immediately.

Friday: youngest son up at 4:45am teething. At 5:45am he goes back to sleep. At 6am my phone tells me the DNS server at work is down; I can't raise it. I restore backed up zone files to a spare Xen instance (hurrah!), give it the DNS server's IP address and head into work. I restart the machine and shut down the Xen instance; can't figure out why the machine shut down in the first place. Then I discover a replication problem between two of our LDAP servers which is resulting in random bounced email for a newly created account.

I want to go home now. But there's a Very Important Meeting(tm) at 1pm, and I can't leave before then.