I can't believe youngest son, after nearly three weeks of being up four or five times each night, slept nearly all the way through without a break: he only woke up at 1am and 5:15am, which is close enough to my usual wakeup time as makes no difference. It was wonderful to have a bit of sleep.

This comes after staying up late (11pm!) on Sunday bottling the latest batch of beer, a Grapefruit Bitter recipe from the local homebrew shop. You know, it really does taste like grapefruit, and even this early I'm really looking forward to this beer.

My laptop has a broken hinge, dammit. I carry it around in my backpack without any padding, so I guess I'm lucky it's lasted this long. Fortunately the monitor still works and mostly stays upright. I've had a look at some directions on how to replace it; it looks fiddly, but spending $20 on a new set of hinges from eBay is a lot more attractive than spending $100. Of course, the other consideration is whether I can get three hours to work on it….But in the meantime, I've got it on the SkyTrain for the first time in a week; it's been hard to want to do anything but sleep lately.

Work is still busy:

Update: turned out to be an MTU problem:

I had no idea there were GigE NICs that did not support Jumbo frames. Though maybe that's just the OpenBSD driver for it. Hm.