Must change title

Happy 2010 everyone! Now that it seems to be well and truly under way, I feel I can say that safely.

It's been busy so far. All the stuff I didn't do in 2009 is still on my plate...which is obvious, right? but it still caught me by surprise after the 3 days doing Xmas maintenance on my own. It was easy to forget that there are, you know, people waiting to show up and do work.

Like the new students we've got for one of the faculty members. I'd upgraded OpenSuSE on their new workstations over the holidays, then when they came in yesterday the carefully-tweaked dual monitor displays weren't working. Arghh.

Or the guy who's let me know that he wants to get moving on the MySQL/PHP website he's building...which reminds me that I've still got to move the website to a virtualized machine. I'm tempted to do that RIGHT NOW and put his site in there, but I don't think that'll be the best way to do it.

Or the new project my boss is part of, which involves researchers from across Canada. For me, it's a new website, hardware recommendation and purchases, maybe a new LDAP server. I could add a new root suffix to the existing LDAP server, but

a. we don't need it yet a. that seems like it'll make it more difficult to move later a. while I can create one in the existing LDAP server (Fedora/389/CentOS DS), the cn=config tree seems suspiciously empty of any entries related to the new I'm leery of trusting it.

I still haven't sat down yet and tried to plan my year. Partly I've been busy, partly my planning tools are a bit of a mess (daytimer + orgmode + RT). But at some point I need to get my priorities straight and oh, how I long to have them straight. I feel a bit like I'm spinning my wheels right now.

Ah well. In other news, Xmas was good; my kids got two guitars (one acoustic with an Elmo sticker, one fake double-neck electric) which makes four guitars they have now. Since they no longer have that to fight over, they've taken to fighting over a microphone (cardboard tube stuck in a toy that acts like a stand). But damnit, they're still cute.


Finally: Just for fun right now I did a word count of all my blog entries. I've been blogging since 2004, and I've got something like 158,000 words. Amazing. And there are still some entries I've got to grab from my old Slashdot journal.