Putting a word in

Just got off the phone w/a Sun rep who called up to see how I was doing, did I need any coasters, etc. I took the opportunity to put a bug in his ear about Solaris.

If Oracle removes the entitlement to run Solaris on non-Sun hardware, then what the hell do I have to play with? I've got a bunch of Sun hardware, but only one machine running Solaris -- and that's in production, holding home directories on ZFS; I'm not playing with that.

OpenSolaris folks are asking for answers and not getting any. And saying "Go run OpenSolaris" ignores the problem of figuring out what's in Solaris proper, what's going to be there RSN, and what's two or more releases out.

If Solaris disappears, then I'm not going to figure out how it's better; that's just how:

all work.

I like Solaris for precisely two things: ZFS and DTrace. Solaris has more, I know, but those are the things that matter to me. In all other respects, for me and my situation, Linux or the BSDs are good enough or better. And oh: FreeBSD has DTrace; DragonFly BSD has HAMMER; Linux has *@#%$)%! packaging.

No good ending for this, so we'll just call it quits.