Oh, so now Libya

I received this bit of spam a few days ago:

From: AUW-RSVP <melud.halasa@example.com>
To: undisclosed-recipients: ;
Subject: hi
Organization: Gen. Melud

My name is Gen. Melud Massoud Halasa,I was a Libyan army General in the
military force of Gardaffi in Libya,i have $23 Million Dollars hidden in
Libya,i need your assistance to move this money out of Libya to your
country,i have resigned from the army and i want to go into business in your
country as your partner.If interested REPLY ONLY VIA MY PERSONAL EMAIL
melud.halasa@example.org for more details.

I forwarded it off to a friend of mine and asked him if he knew anything about it. His reply:

Well, Melud's been trying to move that cash for about six months now but no
one will help him. The thing is, it's actually a physical pallet of $100
bills that we had used to buy his loyalty back during the uprising. That's
why he's starting to reach out farther and farther afield, trying to find
someone who will come to Libya and help him carry the danged pallet to the
local Western Union branch. I'd say it's not worth it ... that Western Union
is at least a mile from where he has the pallet stashed in his mom's house.
I value my lower back more than that.

And, of course, by sending this email back and forth we've guaranteed that
it's being read by some automated spy system that is trying to determine if
this counts as terrorist "chatter." In the interests of being friendly and
polite, I'd like to say hello to that automated system, and perhaps to any
actual human analyst who stumbles across it.

I'd just like to say: that is the funniest thing I hope to read all week. Maybe all month. And definitely on my top ten for the year.