Tonight I picked up a grain order I placed with my local homebrew club. Pickup was at Parallel 49, where the president of the club is the brewer. My oldest son came along, and said brewer was kind enough to give him (and his dad!) a quick tour of the place. My son was impressed, and so was I; I'd never seen a 10k litre fermentation tank before. It occurred to me later how overwhelming that would be for me: to be faced with this enormous volume waiting to be filled. I'm in awe of someone who can look at that and say, "Yeah, I know exactly what I want to put in there."

I also came away with a free bottle of their Salty Scot Scottish Ale; haven't tried that yet, but I did like the growler of the India Pale Lager (which I was happy to pay for). It's a nice twist on the usual IPA fare. I do regret having to leave behind the milk stout, though...next time.