Post-Xmas Brewday

It's Xmas vacation, and that means it's time to brew. Mash was at 70 C, which was a nice even 5 C drop in the strike water temp. 7.5 gallons went in, and 6 gallons of wort came out. It was not raining out, despite the title, so I brewed outside:


My kids came out to watch; the youngest stayed to help.

They are rock gods.

The keggle was converted by my father-in-law, a retired millwright; he wrote the year (2009) and his initial using an angle grinder.

Built in 2009

The gravity was 1.050, so I got decent efficiency for a change -- not like last time.


On a whim, Eli decided to make the 60 minute hop addition a FWH instead:


Ah, the aluminum dipstick. No homebrewer should be without one.

Ah, the aluminu dipstick

Eli demonstrated his command of Le Parkour...

Le Parkour

and The Slide:

The Slide

"Hey, it's Old Man Brown, sittin' on his porch eatin' soup an' making moonshine again!"


Eventually it was time to pitch the yeast. We took turns. I took this one of Eli...

Yeast pitching 1

...and he took this one of me:

Yeast pitching 2

Isn't it beautiful? Oh, and the OG was 1.062.