Viewing Saturn

I took the kids out this morning to look at Saturn through the telescope. It was a rare clear day; the clouds of the last three months seem to have taken a break. And it was cold -- probably -5C out there.

First, though, we had a visit from Mustard Boy! He uses a frisbee for a weapon.

Mustard Boy

Arlo took this picture through the viewfinder, and it turned out surprisingly well. Saturn is just visible above (well, below) the rooftops. It wasn't the best location for viewing, but it was nice and close.

Saturn through the viewfinder

This, by constrast, is the crappiest afocal picture ever.

Crappy afocal

But on to the kids! The tempation to look down the tube of the telescope is nigh-inescapable.

What's down there?

Notice the stickers on the telescope. Some of those I added, but approximately 6 x 10^8 were added yesterday when the kids were bored.

So many stickers

Eli is small enough that I have to lift him up to see through the eyepiece.

Heave! Ho!

Saturn was small -- 100x doesn't show a very big image -- but we had fun, didn't get cold and no one got their toungue stuck to the telescope. I declare that success.