Awkward times

Tonight was Eli's last soccer practice of the season, and the coach declared that it was going to be Kids vs. Parents. Clara has writing class this week, so I went along; I took Arlo with me, who had homework to do. We sat on the front steps of the school by the soccer field, staring at math problems and waiting for the game to start, then joined in when it became apparent that all the other parents were eager to go.

The kids had fun, but I was out of my element. Not just because it was sports but because many of the parents were really good at soccer and really cared. (That's not a dig; I care about Emacs and rocket ships, so what the hell do I know?) I found myself looking around, staring at the sky (cloudy but maybe there would be some stars? nope) and checking out in a way I've recognized in myself since I was 18, and see a little bit of in Arlo.

Eventually it was over; I let in the winning goal, and the kids won. The parents talked about strategies for next time, and promised to see each other at the pizza party on Sunday. I'll be there; and doubtless I'll be looking around, seeing what there is to look at.