Observing Report -- August 5, 2016

Tonight I went out to the local park with the scope. I had a bit better list than last time and stuck to it, and ad the end of the night I was able to shut down & be home in 10 minutes. Not bad at all.

So: Quick look at Saturn to start with, before it set beneath the trees. Very nice.

Managed to split Double-Double in Lyra, but I had to use the 6mm Radian to do it. South pair easier to split than the north pair.

Followed ISS with the scope (17mm, 71x) and man, that was neat.

Omicron Draco: double star, yellow and green/blue. Not my thing, double stars, but I do like the ones that resemble Earth & the sun (blue + yellow). Colours on this one were more subtle, though.

M56: Faint. No sign of resolution.

NGC 6939: OC in Cepheus. Took a while to track this down, as it was a lot fainter than I expected. Got a sketch.

NGC 6543, the Cats-Eye Nebula: Saw this straight off, an obviously non-stellar object. Faint blue. Neat.

M92: Aw! Looks like photo of a spiral galaxy. Liked it better than M13, which I looked at next.

NGC 6229: GC in Hercules. Faint like a Q-Tip, and no resulution at all.

NGC 6709: OC in Lyra. Nice! Big, sparse, and kind of reminds m of a fish shape. Mentioned in "Annals of the Deep Sky", which I'm enjoying.

Packed it in at 12.15am. Overall, a lot better than last time.