I'm done

I have spent this weekend debugging shit on my home server: I've managed to break my IPv6 tunnel and Docker networking, and for some reason /etc/resolv.conf was emptied I don't even know why. Last weekend I spent far too much time debugging problems with DKIM and SPF and breaking my wife's email, and that was with only one domain; I've still got another to go through. I am thoroughly sick and tired of it.

I have always thought it important to run your own server (buy me a beer some time to get the reasons), but I am done. Done, I say. I am ready, at this point, to throw money at someone or something to just make this go away. I still want my own SSH server at home -- that's too much to give up -- and I still like checking my mail with Mutt. But web hosting, docker networking, metrics, monitoring, DNS, backups, calendaring -- gahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Probably, I am just going to put all this away for now, leave the unpaid sysadmin work for another time.