Runtop Firmware

The Runtop firmware for the Network Everywhere NWR04B can be found here.

Mike reports that after upgrading, his port forwarding and PPPoE settings are still there. Previously, the NWR04B firmware would lock up because of emule traffic; the Runtop firmware is going fine after 45 minutes. Wireless MAC filtering is now available, as well as [a host of other features.

FIXME: Summarize Varu's opinion.

The thing tends to run hotter after the Runtop firmware's put on. varu put a couple of AC/DC converters and other such heat-releasing sources on his 04B, and it crashed after heavy usage of the converters. A hardware reset from the back was necessary to bring it back to life, along with about 5 minutes turned off to cool it down. Before you do anything with the Runtop firmware, just in case it happens to screw up as in varu's case, go to RuntopFirmware and save your config file to your HDD. From the same page, after a hardware reset (in which all your settings naturally get lost), you can restore them using the file from the same page. Keep the router as cool as possible at all times - don't stack things up on it.

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