Valuable Software

Here you'll find some random projects I've worked on that, I flatter myself, might be useful to others. Enjoy, and let me know if they're of any use to you.

Oh, and everything is hosted on


Landle mirrors your Github repos: public, private, forks, watched and starred. It's a complete ripoff of ghsync, which was wonderful but I could not get to work. Licensed under the GPL v3; download [here or from Github.


Temple is a Small but Useful(tm) utility that creates a new directory, complete with whatever files it needs, that can be used to submit a job to a Torque cluster for benchmarking. I've tried to emulate cbench a bit, but this is much simpler.

Licensed under the GPL; download Version 1.1 here.


Thornhill is a Small but Useful(tm) utility to test Alias (and, in the future, other) directives it finds in an Apache config file. It's meant to be useful for ensuring that content on one server is the same as on another (ie, when migrating servers).

Note: This will work as long as you don't get redirected by the test server; see here for details.

Licensed under the GPL; download Version 0.3 here.


A plugin for Nagios that checks an MGE UPS by SNMP. It's a reworked version of this plugin, cleaned up and made a bit more explicit.

Licensed under the GPLv2 (as was the original); download it here.


My attempt at getting a working Foswiki/TWiki mode for Emacs based on Org-mode. I've started taking this good work and mangling it; my excuse is that I'm only just starting to program Emacs.

Licensed under the GPLv2 (as was the original and Org-mode itself); download it here.


A Perl script to export Bacula tapes from a tape library; I use it at work.

The script assumes you want to export any tapes:

  • in the specified pool (explained ahead)
  • that have a Full-level backup (or part of one)
  • that completed in this month

It further assumes:

  • that you have permissions to use the SCSI interface to the tape changer (probably /dev/changer, though see ahead re: .mtxrc)
  • that some contiguous chunk of those slots are available for export

It will export the tapes by moving them to the export slots; if there are more tapes than slots, it will give you a chance to remove them, wait for your input and continue.

Licensed under the GPL v3; download it here.

Abandoned, but maybe still useful projects


Quick and double-dirty hack using Perl's Net::Telnet module to send a quick email using a specified mail server. Allows you to watch the SMTP conversation as it unfolds in SUPER-REALTIME(tm). The only advantage over Mail::Mailer (not to mention swaks) is that Net::Telnet may not be part of a standard install where you live. Expanded from this article.

Licensed under the GPL; download it here.


A Small but Useful(tm) Perl script to convert the datebook.xml file used by the calendar app in OpenZaurus' Opie to Remind format, or -- new feature! -- from Remind to OpenZaurus.

Licensed under the GPL; download it here.


A Small but Useful(tm) wrapper around the Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer. It runs on Perl and, though in early days yet, runs over SSH -- no interactivity required (assuming the patches work...).

Licensed under the GPL; download it here.


Some notes for myself on setting up gitweb.