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the best picture of me in existence.  maybe even
the best picture in existence.  it's just that good.

upstairs hugha short biography.

Lordy, where to begin? I think I'm going to regret not getting someone else to write this stuff...

I've always loved music. I'd thought idly for a long time about learning an instrument and having a go at it, but never really did anything. When I was nineteen, I bought a guitar on impulse, learned to play and started to write bits and pieces. I got good reactions from friends, but I was still just playing at music, you know?

Then three years ago a girl broke up with me, and I decided I needed a change. Two things happened: I rented a four-track tape recorder for distraction, and I promised myself that I would start playing in front of other people in six months' time. I kept the deadline, and kept going too.

Last summer I dubbed fifty copies of Regular Bliss Body Wrap, a six-song demo tape that I gave away to friends. The reaction was good this time too, and I used the tape to get a few actual real gigs (including one I got paid for...@woo!). Before I knew it, it was a year later and I was out of tapes. (Yeah, I know, fifty tapes in a year...but hey, gotta start somewhere, right?)

I had pawned the four-track earlier in the year, so I decided to rent some better equipment and record in my living room. (geeks [and speaking as a geek, i mean that in the best possible way]: looking for details? click here!) Two months later, I had a handful of songs and the increasing conviction that, what with the price of CD duplication these days, I might as well get CDs made...it just seemed me take it all a little more seriously somehow.

So that's kind of where things stand at the moment: I love making music, and I'm sort of gradually forcing myself to do something about it rather than just sit on my duff. This CD (and this website, too) is one way of doing that.

Wish this didn't peter out, but...oh well.

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geekstuffI had a Roland VS-880EX and a CAD E-200 mic. The mic crapped out after a while (batteries died) so I used a Rode NT1 for the rest of it. I liked the E-200 a little more than the NT1, but both were so much better than a four-track and an SM-57 that I would be perfectly happy with either one.

As for the Roland...my god, what a fun toy.  I truly love hard-disk recorders now. For god's sake, you can even get a CD burner for the Roland. That, and the VS-880, and a DAT recorder, and a matched pair of E-200s...oh yeah.