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UPSTAIRS HUGH seems to be holed up in his apartment translating excruciating truths culled from personal experiences. Not bad until the throwaway song about scientology, which is just plain unnecessary.

the rocketnovember 5 1998

Dangerous Purchases

Frequent loop magazine contributor Hugh Brown, also known as Upstairs Hugh, has come up with his second indie release, glowing. Chock full of self-penned folkie nuggets and a cover of "Buffalo Stance," the album does not contain a track that makes reference to Scientology - he's not that dangerous....Available to buy soon.

the loopjanuary+february 1999 (special vancouver's most dangerous issue)

So let's assume that you're one of the great unwashed (and as a man who showers rarely, I mean that in the nicest possible way, I assure you) who doesn't know me personally, and that you've maybe stumbled across my site while looking for salsa recipes or the chords to Saturday In The Park. You're probably wondering just what the hell is going on. "This Upstairs Hugh," you're saying to yourself, "is he man or mouse?"

Welp, truth be told, I'm another one of those damned singer-songwriter types who scraped up enough money to put together a CD, and I'm confident/cocky/arrogant enough to think you need to know about it. (You do. Trust me.)

What do I sound like? Just think of your favourite solo singer-songwriter, and I betcha I sound just like them. Amazing coincidence, no? Musically it's me and an acoustic guitar, strummety-strum. Lyrically, Michael Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies is probably my biggest songwriting influence (because he ROCKS, that's why), with Bruce Cockburn, Mark Eitzel, Lou Barlow and Vic Chessnut right up there too.

But wait...where are my manners? Welcome to my page. Throw your coat on the bed and have a look around. You'll find the usual vanity publishing bits: pix of me, facts about me, songs by me, and the occasional heavily-edited review of me ("Upstairs[good]." -- Rolling Stone). Naturally, only the extremely high quality of everything I produce could possibly justify all of this.

this just in(now with simultaneous translation.)

"Possibly allegedly the single most anticipated release of 1999, Upstairs Hugh's sophomoric^H^He effort glowing. looks set to hit the streets early in 1999. Now that the Visa's been paid off, only the talents of others stands in his way."

diary entryapril 22, 1999.

By any chance, are YOU, dear reader, Helen's sister at the University of Portsmouth (I may have that wrong) w/the taped copy of "glowing"? (For anyone else reading: please, feel free to tape the damn album or any part would tickle me defenseless to know that I rated being on someone's mixed tape.) Just curious; H. dragged me into work today on my day off (the responsibilities of the second assistant chief bottle washer don't end when you clock out, let me tell you) and mentioned that the reaction was good. So hey, why not a message to one person who may never read this, over the biggest medium I'm ever likely to command?

(translation: um...hi there. that is all.)

diary entryapril 15, 1999.

'Nother gig coming up at the glorious Bamboo Cafe in the heart of the beautiful Joyce skytrain station tomorrow (Friday April 16). Book your front-row tix now (no cover!), and get directions from the Where Next? page. (tr: Alannis Morrisette will be opening for me. allegedly.)

diary entryapril 1, 1999.

No April Fool's Day prank, this: Upstairs Hugh is #21 with a bullet! At CKMS, the University of Waterloo's student radio station (where I had a show for one semester in 1992...far too long ago to have any present-day influence on their playlist, I assure you), Upstairs Hugh kicks the asses of both Frank Black and Sleater-Kinney! And the good folks at CKLN (Ryerson U's station) have played me, thanks to Joel Wortzman, the good host of "Acoustic Routes".

(tr: eat my dust, indie rock!)

diary entryfebruary 27, 1999.

Busy month! Haven't had a chance to update this in a while. In a nutshell: the release party went well, I played at The Living Closet, and I've sold around 70 CDs. Check out the where next? page for pix and reminiscescenseces. And hey, don't forget the upcoming gig at the Bamboo Cafe.

(tr: woop! woop woop!)

diary entryjanuary 21, 1999.

Only four days since the last entry. Things are starting to pick up here at Upstairs Central...

First up is the official release do ("Glowing: It's Pronounced Par-Tay.") on Saturday January 30th, eight 'til late. Check out the where next? page for directions to my friend Aaron's place.

(tr: my parties always rock. ask anyone. and sarah mclachlan might be there. allegedly.)

Next gig is on Thursday March 18th, at Vancouver's Bamboo Cafe. I set up the PA, play for two hours, bus some tables, neuter a cat, and eat flaming pizzas. It's all live. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN.

(tr: better than a monster truck rally any day.)

diary entryjanuary 17, 1999.

Hi ho, the cds are in! YEE HAW. Learn why they call me Upstairs by going to the gimme! page.

(tr: help me survive y2k by sending me your valuable American dollars!)

diary entryjanuary 3, 1999.

Had trouble listening to the songs? Frustrated and unhappy? No more! Have a look at the newly-refurbished listen page! Drinks on me, everyone!

(tr: hot 'n' juicy real audio! come and get it!)

Happy 99, everyone! Hope everyone had a good time at deep high noon. Myself, I waited three days and developed a back spasm to bring in the new year. Fun! Fun! But now I get to take lots of drugs and wear a bag of frozen peas around my lower back while keeping an amusingly pained expression on my face. This means I won't be playing at The Living Closet at La Quena this Saturday like I'd hoped. Next month for sure, though.

(tr: leroy, hand me my scratching stick.)

Everyone keeps asking me when the cd will be in. The answer: some time before the end of the month. I hope. And yes, there will be a party. So much for a small, intimate soiree, though...version 1.0 of the guest list has 134 people on it (!).

(tr: soon, precious...soon!)

diary entrydecember 17, 1998.

First of all, I should maybe make it clear that I was only joking about touring with Pearl Jam. I just received a letter from their fine legal type folk, and they asked me -- real friendly like, you understand -- if I'd be so kind as to make sure that people knew I wasn't really up for an opening slot with them. Or else they'd break my legs.

(tr: hi kevin!)

I've got lyrics all typed up now. I wasn't going to put them in, except that I really wanted to be in the running for next year's Nobel prize for literature. Turns out you need a website for that. Who knew?

(tr: like a small book, only without the distracting continuity.)

The li'l asbestos-filled packet arrived at Magnetic Air's fine Burlington facilities intact. With any luck I should have cds in a month.

(tr: soon i'll be pestering everyone i know to follow through on their rash, alcohol-induced promises to give me money. no one will be safe.)

diary entrynovember 26, 1998.

I just returned all the recording equipment last week to Long and McQuade ("Where What You Record With It Is Your Business"), and after two months of dabbling there are now seven DAT tapes (single backups, my ass) sitting on my bookshelf, quivering with anticipation, waiting to be stuffed into an asbestos-padded envelope and thrust into the eager hands of a duplication house.

(tr: i just finished recording some songs in my living room. i make cds soon.)

All I have to do now is wait for the li'l piece of paper saying I've paid my money to cover a certain song, and the duplication house will leap into action. Heavily-trained technicians will lovingly craft and shape my album and then deliver it to my door.

(tr: i've always wanted to cover "Buffalo Stance" I get to flog 500 copies of it, too.)

Like I mentioned above, it looks like I should have my album some time in January or February. After a small release party for a few friends, I'll be shopping around for gigs and preparing for a summer of travel and open mics with my best friend.

(tr: pearl jam wants me to open for them on their next tour, but i'm thinking of turning them down for the Alannis gig instead. but the party is still gonna be small. i'm a down-to-earth kinda guy.)

Upstairs Hugh

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