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where o where can that guitar boy be?

he must be playing somewhere, right?upcoming future alsoplus dept.

The next bogey on the horizon is at The Bamboo Cafe, deep in the heart of wonderful suburban Vancouver (3388 Vanness, right by Joyce SkyTrain). An oasis of calm and rest, it will be invaded from 7pm to 9pm on Friday April 16th by the sonorous stylings of moi-meme. Come early and watch me struggle to understand the complexities of the house PA. Fun! Fun!

In the meantime, why not have a look at what's gone before?

he must have played somewhere, right?previous beforetime lastweek dept.

Woop! The release party was a grand smashing success. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of my friends Aaron and Diane, the shindig ("Glowing: It's Pronounced Par-Tay") was held at their stylish, spacious digs. Crowds of people thrilled to the decor, the excellent DJ stylings of Mr. Aaron (even the Boredoms went over well-ish) and the sumptuous Doritos and Safeway's Garlic Medium Hot Salsa provided by Yours Truly.

the bold and the beautifulthey were there, all right

The bold *and* the beautiful were both in
attendance at the Upstairs Hugh Release Party.Conversations flowed like water through the hallways and kitchens (A&D have six. Wow!) as the famous and dangerous met and mingled. Left to right: TV Personality Martha Stewart, Record Company Executive David Geffen, Musical Artist Stina Nordenstam, Former Hockey Great Ken Dryden, Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto (background), Bookstore Owner Celia Duthie (foreground), Author and Religious Studies Professor Nancy Ammerman.

separated at birth?the resemblance uncanny dept.

Dan Hill...

...and Upstairs Hugh

"sometimes when we touch"

"buffalo stance is so legitimate songwriting!"

like you were actually therecutting edge of the web technology dept

The appreciative crowd... ...and the Guitar Boy.

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