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Note: This is only here for historical purposes. Really, you want this page. I don't even live at that address any more. I don't know who does. You probably shouldn't pester them.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled nostalgia.

say, upstairs hugh, how do i get this font of wonder in my own home?

Are you lucky enough to live in Vancouver or its surrounding 'burbs? Then swerve your butt down to HMV on Robson, or Zulu Records on 4th (Kits) or Scratch Records (109 W. Cordova) and buy it there. Consignment is truly a wonderful thing.

Alternatively, you can ask me for one. Here's the deal: send me $5 and get a CD. Or, I'll trade for one of your own. (That means a CD with you on it. Anyone sending me, say, the new Rolling Stones album will merely be laughed at.) Simple, no?

If you live in Canada, send $5 Canadian. Anywhere else in the world, $5 US will do nicely. That's $5 only...no P&H, no PST, no GST, no VAT, no shipping or idiot tax or special currency handling fees. Cash is best (wrap it carefully), but postal money orders made out to Hugh Brown will also work. Could it be any easier? Could it be any cheaper? *

Just put the bill or CD in question in an envelope, tuck in a note saying "GIMME!" and address it to:

upstairs hugh
307-1221 burnaby street
vancouver, bc
canada v6e 1p7

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*Say no.